After a successful first year, we continue our scholarship program for the coming academic year 2012/2013. Outstanding Indonesian students can be granted full or partial academic scholarship that can help reduce the financial burden. This scholarship gives you a chance to join our International Hotel Management program with a Double Bachelor degree upon graduation. Our program is recognized internationally for its high educational standards, which gives our graduates excellent job opportunities worldwide. If you have first-rate study results, if you are highly motivated to study International Hotel Management in Bali and if your level of English is sufficient, you can apply for our scholarship. The scholarship can last for the entire period of your study, depending on your study results.

Scholarships offer

Stenden University Bali offers two types of scholarships for the academic year 2012/2013:

Full scholarship

A scholarship that covers the complete tuition fee (of USD  4,900 per year) and all other study related costs, such as books, uniforms and other learning materials, equating up to USD 20,000 in savings over four years. This scholarship will be rewarded only to the very best student(s).  You should be highly talented and have outstanding study results.

Partial scholarship

A scholarship that consists of a discount of USD 1,000 per year on the tuition fee.

Both scholarships are for at least one academic year. However, if your study results at Stenden University Bali are excellent (full scholarship) or above average (partial scholarship), the scholarship will be extended to the following academic years as well.

Selection criteria

Stenden University Bali has strict admission requirements for studying International Hotel Management. Apart from these admissions criteria, you should meet the following criteria in order to receive one of our scholarships:

Full Scholarship

  • Indonesian citizen
  • Belong to the top 10% of your class
  • Ambitious and highly motivated individual
  • Showcasing a strong commitment to furthering a   career in International Hotel Management

Partial Scholarship

  • Indonesian citizen
  • Belong to the top 25% of your class
  • Ambitious and highly motivated individual
  • Showcasing a strong commitment to furthering a career in International Hotel Management

The above characteristics should be demonstrated in the documents that you send with your application and in the interview we will have with selected candidates.

How to apply

Application for the scholarship program should be completed together with the application for the program International Hotel Management.

  • Prepare the standard documents for application for International Hotel Management program as follows:
    • A completed and signed Application Form Original copy of IELTS or TOEFL results from attesting your knowledge of English
    • Certified copy of your diploma (in English) of your school/college/university education
    • Certified copy of grades-sheet (in English)
    • Curriculum Vitae (in English)
    • Four recent passport-type colour photos
    • Two full sized photographs (formal dress code)
    • Two copies of your KTP
    • Copy of academic awards of honours, if available
  • Fill in the Scholarship Application Form
  • Add your motivation letter explaining why you think you should earn a partial or full scholarship. The motivation letter can be up to 1500 words. We will judge the content of the letter, but also your level of English, your writing style, structure of the letter and argumentation. Make sure your motivation letter is a true representation of your best writing
  • Add all documents that proof your excellence, talent and motivation. Examples of documents are:
    • A statement of the school that you belong to the top 10% or top 25% of your class;
    • One academic reference of a teacher, principle or company demonstrating your academic competence;
    • One personal reference of a teacher, principle or company demonstrating your good character and motivation;
    • Certificates of extra courses you attended, contests you won, etc;

Please keep in mind that we will look at the content and quality of the documents, NOT at the quantity. So only hand in documents that are useful and to the point.

Only students that hand in all four types of documents will be considered candidates for the scholarship program.

Please send all documents via e-mail to
To keep up to date for all the latest announcements, visit our Facebook page.

Selection procedure

Stenden University Bali has four intakes a year for the International Hotel Management program. The selection procedure for the scholarships for students starting in September (first intake) and November (second intake) will be as follows:

  • Application closes June 22nd 2012
  • All applicants will receive a notification if they are shortlisted or not, on the July 6th 2012
  • Interviews with shortlisted candidates are held between July 9th and July 20th 2012. The interview will be held with the General Manager of Stenden University Bali, one member of the academic staff and a manager of a hotel in Indonesia. If you come from outside Bali (within Indonesia) your travel expenses will be covered.
  • The final decision will be announced on July 27th 2012.

Both the full and partial scholarships are intended for applicants entering during primary and secondary intakes in September and November. Depending on the quality and number of the applicants that are selected for a scholarship, Stenden University Bali reserves the right to conduct subsequent rounds of scholarship selection for the intake in February (third intake) and April (fourth intake).

More information about this will be posted on our website and our Facebook page after September 2012.

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