Postgraduate Courses for Professionals with Relevance to Developing Countries 2013/2014

Call for Application: April 2012
(Deadline: 31st July 2012)

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The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) – Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst – supports a range of postgraduate courses at German universities which aim at providing academically educated young professionals from Developing Countries with further specialized studies. The DAAD supports these selected programs with a certain quota of scholarships and with financial assistance for a special tutoring system. At the end of the course (programs run 12 to 36 months, depending on the particular institution) participants can obtain an internationally recognized Master’s or in some courses PhD degree.

Target group:

University teaching staff, researchers and professionals holding an academic degree and with at least two years of experience in the public or private institutions in the following areas:

  • Economic Sciences / Business Administration/ Political Economics
  • Development Co-operation
  • Engineering and related sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Regional Planning
  • Agricultural and Forest Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Medicine/Public Health, and Veterinary Medicine
  • Social Science, Education and Law
  • Media Studies

See Annex for the list of selected courses (Please klick here to download the list of selected courses).
Language of instruction:

German or English, depending on the degree course:

  • Participants in postgraduate courses in which English is the language of instruction receive a scholarship for a two-month intensive German language course.
  • Participants in postgraduate courses in which German or German/English is the language of instruction receive a scholarship for a six-month intensive German language course. Please note that the candidates must have certain German language certificate at the time of application.

Criteria for applying:

  • Age limit: 36 years of age at the time of application (for some courses 32 years)
    For some courses, Bachelor degree should have been completed not longer than 6 years at the time of application. Concerning this matter, please directly contact the coordinator of the respective study program
  • Degree: Bachelor or Master
  • GPA: min 2,75 for Master candidates (some study programs applied GPA more than 2,75. Please see the detail on the website of each study program) and 3,00 for Doctoral candidates
  • Work experience: at least two years after completing Bachelor degree.
  • Language skill:
  • For postgraduate courses held in English request an international TOEFL (minimum score: 550 paper based, 213 computer based, 80 internet based) or IELTS (band 6). Some courses may expect a different level. For detailed information see the website of the relevant course.
  • For postgraduate courses held in German: please see the details on the course list. Certain level of German language exam may be required before admission to the course.

Information and DAAD form are available from the:

DAAD Jakarta Office
Summitmas II, Lt. 14
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 61-62
Jakarta 12190

Consultation hours: Monday – Thursday, 1:30pm – 4:00pm
Contact person: Ms. Dwi Nurlianti/Ms. Muji Rahayu
Phone: (021) 520 0870 / 525 2807
Fax: (021) 525 2822

You are suggested to apply online. However you must send the printed form together with other application documents (triplicate) via post to the DAAD Jakarta Office before the deadline. The instruction on how to apply online is available here
if you encounter problem with internet connection during the online application, you can obtain the DAAD form here

Application documents in triplicate (please set in the following order and DO NOT staple):

  1. 1. DAAD Form (see the above information)
  2. 2. Curriculum Vitae
    please use the Europass specimen form at here
  3. 3. A Statement of motivation for participation in the postgraduate courses with emphasis on the relevance to his/her occupation
  4. 4. Two letters of recommendation of recent date, each from supervisor at your company/institution, and from your previous academic supervisor
  5. 5. Confirmation of employment from the candidate’s employer in the home country and where possible, guarantee of re-employment upon his/her return to the home country
  6. 6. Academic Degree Certificate (certified copies of original) in Bahasa Indonesia and English/German translation
  7. 7. Academic transcript, covering the complete duration of academic studies (certified copies of original) in Bahasa Indonesia and English/German translation
  8. 8. Secondary School Leaving Certificates/ijazah SMA, including note of UAN (certified copies of original) in Bahasa Indonesia and English/German translation
  9. 9. Language certificate (see criteria for applying ‘Language skills’)
    for course held in English: TOEFL or IELTS scores
    for course held in German: please see the website of the relevant course


  1. You may apply only two study programs offered by this scholarship program. Prior to the application you are strongly recommended to visit the website of the study programs of your choice. If you find information about GPA, TOEFL, application deadline, etc. that do not match the DAAD pre-requisites, you must fulfill the pre-requisites from the study program.
  2. The selection at the respected universities will be held in September 2012 until  February 2013. During those times it is possible for some applicants to be contacted by the university to conduct a telephone interview.
  3. We are very strict about the deadline. If you think that you won’t be able to submit your application (the hard copy) to the DAAD Jakarta due to the application deadline (31st  July 2012), please submit it directly to the chosen study program. You will find the address at their websites.
  4. Result of the scholarship: only those who are granted the scholarship will be notified via E-mail by the DAAD headquarter. You will then obtain the original scholarship documents from the DAAD Jakarta.

Please click here to download the Booklet “Postgraduate Courses for Professionals with Relevance to Developing Countries”


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